Rut-Fin LLC, is a "Manshed" creation. Over the years the partners have discussed a variety of outdoor products, over an adult beverage, but never took a stab at entering the outdoor product scene. After watching others come out with things we discussed years ago it was time for us to quit talking about it and give it a shot.

We have thought of inventions for the industries we work in as well, but we wanted to make our initial splash in the industry where our passion lies. The great outdoors! Those of you who share this with us know there is nothing that brings out camaraderie, adrenaline, peace, anticipation, hard work and reward like hunting and fishing!

We are three average guys. We are husbands and fathers who work hard to provide for our families and are driven by that next outdoor adventure. This adventure, of entering the outdoor market, has been a mountain like we have never climbed before, but we made it and are excited to bring our first product to you. The Gill-O-Tine! This all encompassing tool will change the way you fish. Bringing technology to fishing in a form no one has seen before. We look forward to working with you to create more of those great experiences and memories that drives every outdoorsman and outdoorswomen.